Sierra Sinn QTGMC MegaPack Siterip

Sierra Sinn QTGMC MegaPack Siterip
As requested here are every Sierra Sinn’s DVD scenes uploaded to, including all the extras featuring her (BTS, Credits, Interviews, Bloopers, Photoshoots…)

 NOTE: I couldn't download "Cumshitters 2" DVD due to a lack of seeders. If any one uploads it I will upload it on a separate .

Source Type: MIXED

Don't let the (relative) small file sizes fool you (that can be attributed to x265), this is the best quality you can get for these scenes!

Photos on – 9.5 MB

If you don’t know what QTGMC is, in short – ultimate SD quality (mostly for DVD’s).

Videos on
Barely Legal 53 – Scene 1 – Sierra Sinn &_40;QTGMC&_41;.mkv – 375.4 MB
Blow It Out Your Ass 2 – Scene 5 – Sierra Sinn & Veronica Jett &_40;QTGMC&_41;.mkv – 378.3 MB
Blow It Out Your Ass 2 – Scene 5 – Sierra Sinn & Veronica Jett [BTS] &_40;QTGMC&_41;.mkv – 21.5 MB
Breakin&_x27; &_x27;Em In 8 – Credits Bloopers [Zoomed] &_40;QTGMC&_41;.mkv – 16.8 MB
Breakin&_x27; &_x27;Em In 8 – Scene 2 – Sierra Sinn &_40;QTGMC&_41;.mkv – 552.8 MB
Breakin&_x27; &_x27;Em In 8 – Sierra Sinn [BTS] &_40;QTGMC&_41;.mkv – 142.1 MB
Cum Fart Cocktails 4 – Hailey Young & Sierra Sinn [BTS] &_40;QTGMC&_41;.mkv – 18.4 MB
Cum Fart Cocktails 4 – Scene 4 – Hailey Young & Sierra Sinn &_40;QTGMC&_41;.mkv – 763.9 MB
Cum Stained Casting Couch 3 – Scene 2 – Sierra Sinn &_40;QTGMC&_41;.mkv – 440.5 MB
Cum Stained Casting Couch 3 – Sierra Sinn [BTS] &_40;QTGMC&_41;.mkv – 33.8 MB
Dementia 3 – Behind The Scenes &_40;QTGMC&_41;.mkv – 164.8 MB
Dementia 3 – Scene 4 – Sierra Sinn &_40;QTGMC&_41;.mkv – 589.2 MB
Dementia 3 – Sierra Sinn [Interview] &_40;QTGMC&_41;.mkv – 31.0 MB
Dirt Pipe Milkshakes 1 – Scene 4 – Sierra Sinn &_40;QTGMC&_41;.mkv – 575.4 MB
Dirt Pipe Milkshakes 1 – Scene 4 – Sierra Sinn [BTS] &_40;QTGMC&_41;.mkv – 39.0 MB
Extreme Asshole Makeover – Behind The Scenes &_40;QTGMC&_41;.mkv – 421.5 MB
Extreme Asshole Makeover – Scene 5 – Sierra Sinn &_40;QTGMC&_41;.mkv – 494.2 MB
Fully Loaded 4 – Scene 2 – Sierra Sinn &_40;QTGMC&_41;.mkv – 403.4 MB
Hellfire Sex 6 – Scene 2 – Isis Love & Sierra Sinn &_40;QTGMC&_41;.mkv – 348.7 MB
Mouth Meat 5 – Scene 2 – Sierra Sinn &_40;QTGMC&_41;.mkv – 577.7 MB
Semen Sippers 5 – Annie Cruz & Sierra Sinn [BTS] &_40;QTGMC&_41;.mkv – 29.1 MB
Semen Sippers 5 – Scene 4 – Annie Cruz & Sierra Sinn &_40;QTGMC&_41;.mkv – 550.2 MB
Squirt in My Gape 1 – Georgia Southe & Sierra Sinn [BTS] &_40;QTGMC&_41;.mkv – 9.9 MB
Squirt in My Gape 1 – Georgia Southe & Sierra Sinn [Easter Egg] &_40;QTGMC&_41;.mkv – 11.3 MB
Squirt in My Gape 1 – Scene 1 – Flower Tucci & Sierra Sinn &_40;QTGMC&_41;.mkv – 292.1 MB
Tease Me Then Please Me 3 – Scene 3 – Sierra Sinn &_40;QTGMC&_41;.mkv – 527.7 MB
Tease Me Then Please Me 3 – Sierra Sinn [BTS] &_40;QTGMC&_41;.mkv – 41.1 MB
Tease Me Then Please Me 3 – Sierra Sinn [Photoshoot] &_40;QTGMC&_41;.mkv – 88.4 MB
Un-Natural Sex 20 – Scene 5 – Sierra Sinn &_40;QTGMC&_41;.mkv – 551.6 MB
Un-Natural Sex 20 – Sierra Sinn [BTS] &_40;QTGMC&_41;.mkv – 179.4 MB

Sierra Sinn QTGMC MegaPack (X265 AC3 MKV) + Extras ALL DVD
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Barely Legal 53 – Scene 1
Sierra Sinn, the lean little gal on the lower left hand corner of the front DVD cover, was up first in a scene where she was alone on her 18th birthday and got a dildo to play with as a present. Niko, playing a studly delivery man, helped her celebrate as she seduced him on the kitchen counter. As the droning music played, he licked frosting off her body to warm her up. He then used the orange dildo to get her extra excited which led to her slobbing his knob. She did a good job of it and paid close attention to his needs as she went about her task, keeping eye contact and using her hand to increase the friction. They then screwed vaginally with him doing almost all the work before she used the dildo on her tight ass. It ended with her blowing him but the pop shot wasn’t shown, leaving me to wonder what happened (he wasn’t particularly hard when he supposedly came in her mouth), and her friends came in with an awkward pause that could’ve been better.

Blow It Out Your Ass 2 – Scene 5 – with Veronica Jett
After medium brunette Sierra and dark haired Veronica dance around in pink and black outfits they help Brian administer milk enemas to each other on a new couch that looks like it might be easier to clean. Veronica takes the first fuck cowgirl style as Sierra watches, plays with herself, and helps a little before taking her fuck doggie style. Brian moves on to fuck Sierra’s ass reverse cowgirl style before they give her another enema that she sprays into Veronica’s face. They even load her up with milk before Brian fucks her ass and lets her blow it out before Veronica takes her milk enema and doggie assreaming. Sierra works a vibe around her pussy and puts it to work on herself as well while she watches Veronica get buttufucked before leaning in to get a few good tastes of Veronica’s ass from Brian’s cock. The girls each take Brian up their ass reverse cowgirl style, with Sierra taking his load there as well. She squirts it back out into Victoria’s eager waiting mouth and then goes right back to letting Brian fuck it along with taking another milk enema from Victoria. Sierra squirts the milk back out into Victoria’s mouth, and then lets her swap the mix of milk and cum back to her.
This is a darn hot scene that should really please extreme sex fans. With Sierra it’s easily the most over the top and extreme scene, and there’s plenty of very eager milk enemas that get squirted over each other. Victoria matches her as a very willing accomplice who’s more than willing to be a target for all of Sierra’s milk enemas. If you want over the top sex, this scene should really please you.

Breakin’ ‘Em In 8 – Scene 2
Going on we find another pretty young girl waiting in Vince’s office and the two shoot the shit with the camera getting nice shots all around young Sierra’s body. We then go outside to a familiar looking parking lot to me anyway where two strapping young fellas are brought in to test this young lady. She’s eager enough too whipping out their cocks and with nice energy she takes them both on. Sierra mixes in some gaggin along with the solid bj and there is some double stuffing too by this young lady. Sexwise they shoot reverse cowgirl, doggie, then it’s into her nice ass in cowgirl, mish with A2M and this well done scene ends with Sierra swallowing two loads. You can tell a noticeable difference between scene 1 and this one. Sierra seemed really into the action giving as good as she got.

Cum Fart Cocktails 4 – Scene 4 – with Hailey Young
Brunette Hailey, who’s in a purple collar and stockings with some striped panties, starts the penultimate scene out introducing Sierra, who’s in a pink studded collar and stockings. The girls show off for Jake, with Sierra showing a jeweled plug stretching out her ass. They move inside where Sierra gets a pair of panties for a moment before the girls start warming each other up with a bit of sixty-nining. Sierra lies back so Hailey can lick her pussy and pull out the plug, and after Hailey sucks it clean gets on all fours for Hailey to play with it and fuck her pussy wearing a dildo mask. Manuel magically appears as Hailey fucks Sierra so Sierra can suck some cock, with Michael arriving and helping Hailey out of her mask and sliding his cock in her cunt from behind moments later. He pulls Hailey back for a reverse cowgirl ride before Manuel lets Sierra up for a cowgirl ride. The girls trade guys and suck them clean before riding them cowgirl style, with Michael following it up with a little anal spooning for Sierra and Manuel spooning Hailey’s pussy. Hailey moves in to eat Sierra’s ass when she sucks Mike’s cock clean before they trade partners and go for reverse cowgirl rides, with Sierra of course taking the anal version. She sucks Manuel clean before impaling her ass back on his cock cowgirl style, and then lets Hailey join her in sucking him clean before having the guys double stuff her cowgirl style. They break apart for a little more cowgirl and doggie action for both girls before the guys go back to giving Sierra a reverse cowgirl DP. Sierra also gets in some reverse cowgirl fucking with Manuel and ass eating from Hailey before they work the guys over orally. Sierra gets on all fours and spreads her ass open for the guys to pop inside, and bends over to let Hailey eat the cum between the pop shots. Sierra turns around to lick up some of the slop, and the swap it back and forth
This is another darn hot scene. I was a little surprised that there wasn’t any squirting from Sierra, but she takes the anal extremely well. There’s nice chemistry between her and Hailey as well as the guys, and Hailey seems more than happy to be second fiddle to Sierra and not take any anal. Beyond that, I’m just not sure what to say as Jake keeps this scene at the same high quality level as the rest of the movie.

Cum Stained Casting Couch 3 – Scene 2
Sierra Sinn, another lean gal although this one had black hair and a collection of toys worth appreciating for fans of those into such things. She began by masturbating with them and stretching out her ass but I thought she too had pretty eyes. Her partner was John Strong and he seemed ready to put her through the paces as she sucked his boner down to the balls. Some of you might think she’s a bit homely but let me tell you, if her lips were wrapped around YOUR dick, she’d look like an angel (trust me). I wasn’t a fan of her apparent genital warts but she was beaming as he plugged away on her pussy (and she did PTM on his shaft) and that drew my attention away from them. She also seemed to truly get into the sex as he slammed away on her like he was trying to rip her a new one. This led, of course, to the anal that she had prepared for in her quest to become a porn star. She wasn’t as energetic with a dick up her ass but she took what he had to offer well enough. This lasted for several positions and ended with some ATM and a load inside her mouth that she also swallowed.

Dementia 3 – Scene 4
Sierra Sinn, Dick Nasty, Kyle Stone, and 2 other guys were up next as she knelt before them and blew them in what is commonly called a “blow bang”. They kept their masks on and she serviced them to the best of her abilities before they started taking turns screwing her on the padded red cushion. She did vaginal, anal, and DP with varying partners though she seemed at her best in the oral and vaginal activities (in terms of heat and enthusiasm). Herschel appeared to be one of them (that spotted dick of his stands out) but the editing kept me from positively saying it was him or just another chunky white guy (other than Dick Nasty of course). Sexually, she was okay but the scene lacked so much that they apparently tried to cover up various flaws with an abundance of close up shots that showed her to be too passively involved in the action. It ended when she took some facials from the crew and they messily deposited their seed all over.

Dirt Pipe Milkshakes 1 – Scene 4
We start this next scene gazing at Miss Sinn’s backside with a short journey soon around to take in her pretty face. The main interest, though, is that ass and we get some conversation between Jake and Sierra about what’s to follow. Sitting down in a chair we see a mostly nude Sierra do some pussy play stroking, then we get this flashback type deal where the picture isn’t quite clear and there’s more ass footage given, I guess you could call it dreamlike footage. Then we’re back to reality with Sierra joined by Manuel and Steve with Sierra in the middle jerking off both their rods. The guys lean in for a kiss and we have Steve sucking on one of her perky tits. Sierra then gets to engage in some cock sucking while Steve-O gets a taste of her ass and we have his cock saying hello to her ass to slipping in the backdoor. Sierra then gets to sit up and do some double cock play going back and forth gagging a lot in the process. The action resumes with vag spoon but we are soon back to seeing that ass invaded with reverse anal being shot and the guys eventually make this a dp with both schlongs pumping at the same time. Sierra works in some dirty talk too and it works pretty good. I guess doggie anal is the best finishing position for this type scene and both guys splooge in her ass in doggie and like the Bailey scene we get a small mirror placed underneath for the cum to accumulate on and Sierra then gets to lick the cum off and she’s pretty sexy with how she does it giving some good eye contact as she slurps the jizz up.

Extreme Asshole Makeover – Scene 5
We come now to Hillary’s best friend and she conducts another well run interview where she probes Sierra on what she hopes to get out of this upcoming dp scene. Sierra aims high wanting to achieve her best assgasm ever. When asked what she likes to do to her ass Sierra replies she likes to fist herself and for a few quick seconds you see her doing just that before we fade back to the girls chatting. Miss Sinn regrets not doing anal sooner so this scene will help her catch up and for those who don’t know Sierra’s the sexual ninja and she’s going to karate chop these fuckers if they don’t fuck her just right, lol. The tease then flows along nicely as we watch Sierra undress showing off her nice bottom and she utilizes a toy to also prep that pussy and ass for the work to follow.
She nearly fists herself again before we cut to a shot of her working on the dicks belonging to Marco Bandera and Sasha. Sierra expertly works them back and forth before doing some strong gagging and yes some double stuffing too. The guys seem to have fun thrusting their cocks up in Sierra’s mouth as far as she can take them which is pretty deep as we witness here. Sexwise you watch Sasha start it out banging her hard from behind and Sierra’ working her golden tongue in between gaggin on Marco’s dick. They work in some good reverse anal action which becomes a good dp in reverse. Miss Sinn does A2M on Marco before they guys flip her over to cowgirl where they resume the double pounding to her holes. The rest of the scene finishes strongly with another reverse dp and some strong assertive dick devouring from Sierra leading to the pops, we actually get a standing dp, then the guys unload at the same time all down Sierra’s face with this sexy red head showing off the jizz before swallowing.

Fully Loaded 4 – Scene 2
Next starlet is Sierra and if I remember well she was a girl Scout in Twisted vision # 3, so she was good at keeping secrets, well let’ see how good she is at keeping cream pies, she is anally tryout by Stefano, who let Manu to a taste of this cutie, then complete the DP in both RC and CG, she shows some gapes and get an anal cream pie by the two studs, but is still fully mouth loaded with two pops that she swallows, like the princess we know she is.

Hellfire Sex 6 – Scene 2 – with Isis Love
Sierra plugged Isis uses bigger plug then ass to mouth. Gape. Guys arrive and Sierra kneels to suck cock. Face fucking. Anal doggy. Pussy fingering. Squirt. Anal missionary. Cowgirl. Brief DP. Pussy to mouth. Reverse anal cowgirl. DP. PTM/ATM. DP. PTM. RCA. DP. ATM. Spit roast. Anal spit roast. RCA. Anal cowgirl. Foot on face. Brief toe sucking. Anal creampie. Creampie eaten. Sierra stretches her mouth out for load stroked off for open mouth facial. Isis uses vibrator and squirts on Sierra.

Mouth Meat 5 – Scene 2
Money Shot:Cum in Open Mouth, Cum on Face – Facial
Group Sex: BlowBang
Oral: Blowjob.

Semen Sippers 5 – Scene 4 – with Annie Cruz
Sierra and Annie start out the penultimate scene on the couch kissing and working their hands around each other and their colorful bra and panty sets. It doesn’t take Annie long to work her way down between Sierra’s legs for a little muff munching, and she eagerly eats her ass as well. Annie gets on all fours so Sierra can repay her in kind, which is where Sean finds them. They greet him with a kiss while continuing to let their hands wander over each other before Annie tries to see how much of his cock she can take down her throat while Sierra goes back to working her over. Sierra comes up to help Annie and also uses Sean to challenge her gag reflex before he has them lie back so he can play with them a bit. He moves around to worship Annie’s ass before having her go back to working on Sierra as he fucks her from behind. Sierra comes around to work on Annie when Sean pulls out, and makes sure her asshole’s ready to swallow some black cock. Sean sticks with Annie’s pussy a bit longer, and lets each of the girls ride him reverse cowgirl style as the girls play with a vibrating egg. Sean spoons Sierra for the first anal before letting her take it on her back, with Annie offering a few supportive sucks and licks of his cock before laying back to get her own shithole speared. Sierra helps as much as she can, and the two of them give Annie just what she needs to let go with a nice squirt. They team up on Annie’s pussy with tongue and fingers next and get her to squirt a little more with Sean appearing to capture it in his mouth. Sierra lets Sean fuck her ass from behind next as she continues to play with Annie’s coochie, and Annie adds a couple fingers to help herself let go with another nice squirt. Sierra continues to take Sean in her ass reverse cowgirl style as Annie works herself to yet another squirt, and they both suck his cock clean when Sierra hops off. The girls let Sean take them from behind before getting down for him to pop between their mouths. Of course the girls swap it back and forth after sharing it with a kiss, and then swallow it all down.
This is yet another winner of a scene. I love the chemistry between the girls and how they play with each other using the vibrating egg. Annie’s squirting adds another nice dimension to the scene, and Sierra is nothing short of amazing with how her ass swallows Sean’s cock. There’s a great feeling of playfulness to the scene, and it all comes across like they’re just there to have fun and do what they can do best. This is a very enjoyable scene.

Squirt in My Gape 1 – Scene 1 – with Flower Tucci
Flower and Sierra start things out sharing a kiss in pink mesh tops as they work Sierra up to a quick squirt with a pair of toys. When they pull the toy up to suck it, Mark moves in to give them something better to suck with the girls eagerly teaming up on it while giving him some great eyes. Sierra moves up to let Mark play with her until she squirts down on Flower as well as letting him fuck her from behind. Flower gets on all fours so they can work on her holes with tongue and fingers before Mark fucks her doggie style with Sierra behind her to capture as much of Flower’s showers as she can. Flower lets Sierra have a technical DP fucking her ass with a vibe as she rides Mark cowgirl style as well as reaching in to stretch it open as Sierra squirts repeatedly. The girls team up to suck him clean before Flower pile drives Sierra’s ass with a toy while riding Mark reverse cowgirl style so she can squirt in her gaping ass. Flower even moves Mark back to her asshole so she can take the other end of the toy in her pussy before they each take a taste of ass and trade places. The girls keep squirting as they stack themselves up for Mark to work his way between their holes missionary style before Sierra gets down to take his seed all over her face and in her mouth with Flower arriving to take the last little taste before having Sierra swap it over to her. Afterwards, Flower stretches Sierra’s ass open and drops the cum into her gaping ass before sucking it out and dropping it back in again.
This is a darn hot and nasty scene. Flower and Sierra seem very nicely matched in their energy and nastiness while Mark plays to both of them extremely well. He never shows a preference towards either of them and seems only to want to see how many times he can make each of them squirt. That chemistry drives the scene extremely well, and its helped out even more by the nastiness and how well the girls squirt. There isn’t a lot of them squirting into each other’s gapes, but there is plenty of squirting and anal action. This is a hot and nasty scene that’s every bit as good as I hoped for.

Tease Me Then Please Me 3 – Scene 3
Porn plays on a huge screen in the background while Sierra gets warmed up for an intense workout throughout the rest of scene three. She goes absolutely nuts with a black dildo before she gets dicked down slamming away at herself with reckless abandon. Great camera work puts her ass on display but the hottest aspect is that she’s fully clothed while she working herself over. Well as clothed as she could be anyway.
Sierra moves on to gobble down some cock POV style then turns around to watch the porn playing on TV while she takes Michael’s fingers in her ass. After some deep-kissing between the two Sinn gets her pussy stretched out doggie which moves quite fluidly to an RCG then Stefano steps out of the frame and allows Sinn to stretch her own ass out for him. As expected Stefano re-enters the frame and goes straight for her fudge tunnel (mish, doggie, standing doggie). This is hot stuff!
Strong enters the scene next to perform DPRCG on Sinn which turns into DPCG. Standing DP is the peak of this scene but then again it usually always is then she gets a double-load in her mouth to end the scene.
Just to nitpick a little bit… Sierra is a bit too vocal here but it’s far from being annoying. Sinn gives an excellent performance.

Un-Natural Sex 20 – Scene 5
Sierra Sinn, a very skinny gal with reddish hair, was up next as she got what she wanted from John Strong and Steve Holmes in a scene that Chico preferred to call “intense” rather than her preferred term of “rough”. The interview was outside with the dog watching and as soon as she walked into the living room, Steve tossed her onto the couch and choked her. That led to slapping, blowjobs, and anal sex; all of which “intensified” as the scene progressed. There was the same salad tossing the other scenes had and of all the cast of characters the movie displayed; she seemed to be the most into the extreme sex. There was a lot of DP footage here and they choked her to the point her face turned cherry red (and her facial blemishes became really pronounced). Still, as much as she’s not my type, if you’re reading this far into the review or have seen recent volumes of the series, this is exactly the kind of scene the series (and director) is known for so you’ll probably appreciate it more than I did. It ended when she sucked down the loads of population pudding, no hole left untouched repeatedly in the process.

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