Strip Pillow Fight

Strip Pillow FightStrip Pillow Fight

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Strip Pillow FightStrip Pillow Fight

Lulu Chu, a new cheerleader, is busy tutoring Harmony Rivers, captain of their cheerleading squad. Harmony is so thankful for the help since she is REALLY struggling with math and can use all the help she can get! But in exchange for this boost, she agrees to help Lulu with a confidence problem they’re having.
Eliza Ibarra, Emma Hix, and Gabbie Carter are feeling a little bummed. They had planned to have their annual water fight but the weather put a damper on their plans. Once they’re inside, they try to figure out something else to do to honor their friendly competition… and that’s when a pillow fight breaks out!
Dr. Hauser (Laney Grey) welcomes Natalia Nix to her office. Natalia is visibly surprised by Dr. Hauser’s youthful appearance. Natalia is there because she needs help with commitment issues that she’s having. Dr. Hauser, the doctor, speculates that Natalia is having trouble committing because she isn’t interested in men and she can HELP Natalia embrace who she is.

Category: Teens, All Girl, Lesbian, Cheerleaders, Erotic Vignette, Fingering, Popular with Women, Small Tits, Threesomes, Tribbing,
Starring: Gabbie Carter, Eliza Ibarra, Lulu Chu, Emma Hix, Laney Grey, Natalia Nix, Harmony Rivers
Language: English

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