Girl Girl Sex 323 (2021)

Girl Girl Sex 323 (2021)Girl Girl Sex 323 (2021)
Release year 2021
Starring: Anahi, Candice (iii), Ophelia, Ophelia D., Zhen
Categories: All Girl / Lesbian, European, Lesbian Sex, Pro-Am, Lesbian, Natural Look, For Women by Women, Erotica for Woman, Amateursex for Woman, Lesbian Erotica, All Girl for Woman, Romance
Scene 1: Zhen is excited to make a dress for Ophelia, and she needs to take careful measurements of every part of her body. She stretches the measuring tape across Ophelia’s breasts in her tank top, and around her hips in her tight miniskirt, but when their eyes meet, they both realize the readings will be much more accurate without clothes.
Zhen is still fully dressed, but Ophelia quickly rectifies that, tearing off all of her clothes and bending her over a chair, to lovingly lap into her smooth shaved pussy. Then girls decide to share their pleasure and indulge in back-to-back rounds, of mutual masturbation, to finish.
Scene 2: Raven-haired Anahi has some bright red rope and lots of sexy ideas about how she and Candice can have fun with it. The girls look at each other with sparkling eyes as Anahi binds Candice’s wrists, bends over and hikes up her dress tor reveal her perfect burn in thong panties. Then it’s Anahi’s turn to have her arms tied up, as Candice strips off her skirt and sweater, Anahi’s hard nipples under her tight bra revealing how excited she’s getting. Anahi starts by tugging Candice’s lacy panties to the side and lapping into her smooth pink vulva, while looking up to share intimate eye contact. Candice then drapes the rope over Anahi’s large breasts before nestling her face between her legs, and Anahi closes her eye to focus on how good her friend’s warm tongue feels on her hairy pussy. The girls share bright smiles as they experiment with face sitting, vigorous tribbing and more sensual oral, until they curl up side-by-side with their arms around each other, exhausted and happy.

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Girl Girl Sex 323 (2021)Girl Girl Sex 323 (2021)

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