Superior Woman – Delirious With Frustration – Findom

Superior Woman – Delirious With Frustration – FindomSuperior Woman – Delirious With Frustration – Findom

I’m going to make you so delirious with frustration as you edge that cock for me! My body of temptation deserves your cum doesn’t, it deserves your money too as I mind fuck you. Already so hard and delirious for me, horny and desperate to cum already but you have a long night of mind fuck, control and spending ahead. You need to be humiliated too. Nothing feels better than Goddess tease and humiliation as I mind fuck you, sending you into that delirious sub space, building you up to that intense orgasm. Sliding into that delirious mindset as you wank your cock for me and I’m talking to you, it really feels like I’m fucking your cock, like I’m there with you and we’re going to share that orgasm. As the mind fuck takes over, your big balls bouncing as you wank, you’ll explode so hard as I tease and seduce you all night. I could get you to do absolutely anything right now and you can’t stop me – that’s what’s is so good about this. You’re powerless to resist me right now. So delirious with frustration, making you stroke – you can’t stop. My body orders you to keep going. Hard cock for Goddess pleases me. Stroking and spending for your dirty habit. You’ve given up real pussy to stroke for Goddess pussy, Goddess pussy is the best pussy. My Goddess porn makes you feel so alive. You shake with excitement as I give you so many thrills. Mind fucked by Goddess pussy! You’ll only cum for my pussy now. My mind fuck is unexplainable – it frustrates you so much but it feels so good. Can you think of a better place to be than worshipping my body, swiping your credit card in between my arse cheeks, sucking my toes and wanking your cock? No I can’t either. I like your pervy addiction, so I’m going to keep you right here! Toying with your mind. Increasing your addiction. Mind fuck is so powerful. My body and my mind fuck combination is lethal but it feels so fucking good!
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