Maya Sin – Ballbusting in the depths of a dark forest (4K)

Maya Sin – Ballbusting in the depths of a dark forest (4K)Maya Sin – Ballbusting in the depths of a dark forest (4K)

Do you like nature? Do you like the intensity of a nice walk in a deep forest at night? Nice thing to do right? But what if you lost yourself? What would happen to you? Look at him. A poor slave lost in the depths of a dark forest. The moon is the only light. But he meets someone there. Mistress Maya Sin is the dark Dame of the forest and she owns all she finds. The slave is tied up between two trees, with his legs wide open with a spreader bar. Mistress Maya will take a lot of pleasure in kicking his ball sack. In the depth of the dark forest, there isn’t a sound but the one of her boots smashing his balls. She will hurt him during almost ten minutes. Such a long moment for the poor boy. He will become so weak that you will see him transformed into a frightened little girl. Watch Mistress Maya Sin destroy the balls of this man, trample his soul, and humiliate him with her spit and cruel laugh. Nex time you find yourself walking in the forest, come back home before dark if you don’t want to end up like him!
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