[TheLifeErotic.com] Lovita Fate – Rough Ride 2 (2021)

[TheLifeErotic.com] Lovita Fate – Rough Ride 2 (2021)[TheLifeErotic.com] Lovita Fate – Rough Ride 2 (2021)
Tags : Solo, Posing, Barefoot, Blonde, Bodysuit, Breasts, Indoors, Mastrubation

Description: Sexy exhibitionist Lovita Fate, a stunning platinum blonde, receives a package in the mail from a fan. The accompanying note reads: ‘.something to complete your kinky costume’ – and the horny Czech babe can’t wait to unbox the gift and experiment. It’s a pair of black gloves, with latex spikes and studs all over the palm sides. Sitting on the floor in a revealing black outfit and bare feet, she slips one on.

She strokes the manicured fingers of her other hand over the shiny black points – they’re too soft to cause any harm but rough enough to thrill. Next, she licks and sucks her fingers, running the spikes over her tongue. Then she drizzles body oil on the glove and removes her leather miniskirt, leaving her in a wet-look teddy with a skinny thong-crotch.

Lovita yanks it sideways to expose her shaved pussy and, as the camera homes in, we see the flash of a clit-hood piercing. She rubs the textured glove along her slit and turns around to flaunt her ass as she spanks and rakes her cheeks, raising a rosy glow. Then she strips naked, to offer a lingering look at her perfect breasts before kneeling on all fours, doggy-style. She masturbates, grinding her palm against her asshole as she fingers her pussy.

She switches between using the glove and her bare hand, the contrast enhancing her pleasure. She moans and gasps, swishing her blonde mane, then lies back, one leg raised, to penetrate her snatch and finger her clit. As her orgasm builds, her gasps and moans soon turn to whimpers – as she hits the brink, her hand is a blur and her tits quiver.

Suddenly, she bucks her ass clear of the floor, spasms rocking her body as she cums. Spent and satisfied, she lies back, smoky blue eyes gazing right at the camera as she dips her gloved fingers in her lipsticked mouth and savors her rich cream off of them.

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[TheLifeErotic.com] Lovita Fate – Rough Ride 2 (2021)[TheLifeErotic.com] Lovita Fate – Rough Ride 2 (2021)

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